Tim Case

Tim Case

Sr. Rails Developer


Tim Case wants to build things as beautiful as a Swiss watch, sometimes things start off ugly and then get better over time, he works by the mantra, "Make it, Make it right, Make it fast". He writes software using Ruby and sites using Rails.

Career Summary

  • 10+ years as a Ruby/Rails developer
  • Was one of the first developers to publicly switch to Rails in 2005
  • I rate myself at an Expert level with both Ruby and Rails, I don't know every technique with Ruby neither have I done everything there is to do with Rails, but I've scoured the best looking for the most common and effective Ruby as well as being able to wax poetic on any Rails core competency.
  • Full-stack developer where the stack is defined as server to browser, including provisioning servers with Chef, monitoring them with Sensu, creating the DB with Postgres, writing the App logic with TDD, SOLID, and the latest by Sandi Metz, creating views with HTML and CSS, redefining the views with jQuery/Coffeescript/AngularJS.
  • I don't think I'm a naturally elite programmer, I think I'm an average programmer with really good habits. Those habits include using smaller steps when the urge is to go big, communicating status regularly, and not trying the same thing over and over again.
  • I've written a lot of code and worked on a lot projects, it's possible I'm special simply by virtue of having done so much.
  • Echowrap is an API wrapper I wrote to express my idea of really good code. It has 96% code coverage and gets a 4.0 (out of 4.0) rating by Code Climate. What really makes me happy about this code though is the effort I made to communicate it's use and purpose to other developers through the main project site and wiki docs.

Work Experience


June 1st, 2015 - October 1st, 2015

Taxjar is a start up trying to make sales tax easier for online startups. Taxjar released an API and I built a ruby client to the API for them. On the Taxjar app itself I helped work on some import processes that imported store sales data from places like Amazon.com, Shopify, and Woocommerce. Also worked on various parts of their app that dealt with classfying and identify the tax jusrisdiction for a particular sale. Finally, also helped with some of the core logic that went into handling the different tax codes and requirements for various US states.

Partsbook / Econify

Feb 1st, 2015 - June 1st, 2015

Partsbook was a short term gig to help my friend and principal of Partsbook, Vince Wadhwani. I created Auction functionality allowing items to be bid on in a format exactly the same as Ebay. The interesting part about this project was getting their already existing Sidekiq implementation to handle expiring auctions at a specified time. Turns out most backend process workers are geared more towards doing recurring jobs rather than one-off jobs at a specific time. However reading through the source allowed me to make it happen. I also participated in a podcast where we discussed some of the thorny issues involved with the Industry's infatuation with single page applications, I spoke about my mixed feelings with AngularJS.

End Point Corporation


End Point is a development shop that specializes in Ecommerce using various languages and platforms. I split my time between two types of projects. The first was to develop and maintain an ongoing project for the law school at Harvard University. They had an app that was a repository of the court cases that were assigned to students as courseware by various professors. The second was to service various clients who needed help with Ecommerce using Ruby, which included both Spree and Piggyback frameworks. I wrote some blog articles too.

Power Up Development LLC


Power Up Development was my own one man LLC where I worked at a freelancer on various projects. In the beginning I worked on a social network called Divvy which was a start up idea for allowing people to share things with one another. Then for about a year I worked for Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen at his startup incubator Vulcan Labs. We worked on an app that would mine emails to pull out relevant information and news for a person's contacts. This project was called Gist and was eventually sold to Research in Motion Limited who are more famously known as Blackberry. The bulk of my time during this period as a freelancer was spent working on Ecommerce stores. I built an ecommerce store for City Winery of Manhattan that allowed people to purchased specific seating at various concerts they put on at their club/wine bar and having discovered that ecommerce is really hard, I decided it would be a good business move to specialize in doing Ecommerce with Rails. I probably worked on about 20 different ecommerce sites doing everything from green field implementations to customizations. Almost all the store will built on top of Spree and I consider myself an expert with Spree (and small scale ecommerce).


High School


Valencia High School, Placentia California



University of California, Santa Barbara - B.A. Business/Economics with emphasis in Accounting


Languages and Living Abroad

At some point in my life I promised myself that as an American I would do something different and learn to speak another language fluently. The language I chose was Portuguese and as part of learning that language I moved to Brazil in 2005 around the same time as I was getting started with Ruby on Rails. I'm proud to say that I accomplished my dream and eu falo português fluentemente (I speak Portuguese fluently). Two years ago I decided that I would like to learn another language and this time I chose Thai. I'm of mixed Thai/American nationality and now my goal is to be able to speak with a whole side of my family that I hope to get to know better, which is partly why I currently reside in Thailand.